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Member of the British Parking Association

British Parking Association

Parking Space Rentals Ltd is a member of the British Parking Association and abides by their Code of Professional Conduct.


Members of the British Parking Association (BPA) will undertake to:

  1. Conduct their business lawfully and comply with all relevant legislation.
  2. Manage their affairs professionally so that their operations are conducted efficiently and effectively and in accordance with good business practice including
  • Trading fairly and responsibly and only employing contractors that are competent to the task in hand.
  • Undertaking their activities honestly and with integrity and not knowingly misrepresenting themselves or misleading others.
  • Ensuring that they operate to the highest possible standards thereby protecting the interests of their shareholders and
  • Employing staff who are competent and qualified and adopting an approach to staff development that encourages further
  • Operating from established premises and ensuring that they are adequately insured for all relevant risks.
  • Striving to resolve any complaints and disputes quickly and equitably.
  1. Support the aims and objectives of the BPA and uphold its reputation.
  2. Only use the BPA's logo in accordance with the rules defined by the BPA Council from time to time.

Note: In the case of Local Authorities, the parking operation shall ensure that
it complies with any Code of Conduct adopted by the Authority, provided the requirements are no less stringent than this Code.

1st November 2004
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