Parking Space Rentals United Kingdom

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

General Questions

How do I cancel my agreement?
How much notice do I have to give to cancel?
Who sets the monthly price for the parking space?
Will I be given the contact details of the space user or supplier?
I have a parking space I want to sell, can you help?
I am interested in buying a parking space, is there anything available?
I'm looking for a parking space to rent but there's nothing suitable for me currently advertised, what can I do?
What happens if my car is damaged/broken into/stolen while in the parking space?
I've seen a parking space I am interested in, can I just turn up and start usage?

User-related Questions

What hours can I use the parking space?
If I give notice to cancel the agreement how is the last payment made?
How will the space supplier know the correct person is using their space?
What if I lose my permit or forget to put it in the windscreen?
Can I have an invoice/receipt for the first or on-going monthly payment?
Is VAT payable on top of the rental charges?
Is there a VAT element to the monthly rental charge that I can reclaim?
How is the deposit returned to me at the end of the agreement?
Who holds my deposit and how do I know it is safe?
Is there a fixed minimum term of usage?
How long can I rent the space for?
I need more than one space, can I have a discount?
I have use of multiple vehicles; will it be ok to park different vehicles in my space?
I have a high van, will it fit in the space?
Why is the deposit so high?
How do I know the space supplier is able to rent their space out?
How do I pay for the parking space?
Why do I have to pay for the second month (first full month) as well as the deposit and pro-rata payment for the balance of the first month in the first payment?
When is the regular Direct Debit payment taken?
Why is there a surcharge for paying by credit card?
Will the rental cost of my space change after I move in?
The company I work for wants to pay for a parking space for me, what should I do?
Can I get a parking space at a cheaper rate if I sign up long term?
Can I get a parking space cheaper if I pay for X months up front?
Can I make an offer against the advertised price of a parking space?
Do I still pay for the space when I am on holiday?
What happens if someone else parks in my space?
I'm having a lot of trouble with other cars parking in my space, what should I do?
My access equipment (remote control, swipe card etc) doesn't seem to be working properly, what should I do?
I've left my access equipment at home/the office or left it in the car. I’m stuck outside, what should I do?

Supplier-related Questions

What are the fees for renting a space through you?
Will I need to pay tax on any rental income I receive?
How safe is it for me to rent out my parking space in terms of any liability?
Once the space is rented out am I ever able to use it again for exceptional deliveries etc?
What if the user continues to park in my space beyond the end of the agreement period?
I don't recognise the car in my space today, what should I do?
How will I be paid following the rental of my space?
Can I let multiple spaces through you?
I'm worried about how renting a space out will affect the security of the development I live in. How can you guarantee your customers won't cause trouble?