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Parking Space Rentals helps to provide a marketplace for those of you who have parking facilities which are surplus to your requirements. To start the process of advertising your space simply create an account
or login to my account and you can have your space listed within minutes.

You may be:

  • A city centre resident whose apartment comes with a parking space when you don't have a car
  • A landlord looking for ways to increase the income levels from your property investments
  • A city centre resident commuting out of the city each day leaving your space vacant

...or anyone else who finds themselves with vacant parking all or some of the time. Parking in city centres is becoming more and more scarce with users turning to companies such as ourselves when they become fed up with extortionate big-name contract parking sites and time-restricted on-street parking. There is however a big market for single parking spaces which can earn you thousands of pounds a year depending on your location.

You can either set your own price, research the price of other spaces in your area through our site or ask us for guidance using our experience of what would be the best price to advertise your space for. You should try to balance your income needs against a price that is competitive to ensure it gets rented as soon as possible.