About Us

Company Vision

To provide the most hassle-free parking rental service whilst giving a customer experience people want to tell their friends about

Parking Space Rentals and its senior staff have experience in the rental and management of parking spaces going back to 2003. The business was founded in 2003 by Stephen Hall who was the first to see the shared-economy value in the UK of having a dedicated agency specialising in the rental and management of parking spaces and car parks. Parking Space Rentals is the first and foremost parking rental specialist in the United Kingdom and remains dedicated to taking exceptional care of its customers big and small.

Our strong belief in the importance of excellent customer service and the protection of our customers' interests along with a diligent and highly professional approach to carrying out our business has seen the company experience significant growth year-on-year since first opening.

Right from launch we have developed and continually refined totally unique automation systems that contrast sharply with the slow and manual processes of our competitors. Thanks to our systems we can promote a customer guarantee that if we show parking as available it will be available for our customers to rent or we give them money back; once more offering care and consideration for our customers that our competitors do not.

Our exclusive three levels of rental management service again provide unique features to our parking suppliers including the most hassle-free parking management service available in this market, our Gold Service level. At that service level we take care of absolutely everything for parking suppliers leaving them simply to receive the income we generate for them each month. We also guarantee if we place a customer in your Gold Service parking level you will get paid, even in the event the renter stops paying for any reason.

Our traditional focus has been dealing with individual clients with individual parking spaces however our services now include full car park site management, parking enforcement as well as asset management and development.

We like to take a hands-on approach to all our activities which brings our experience, strong reputation, administrative efficiency and honest opinions to the assistance of our customers, whatever their situation. Whether it be a customer who simply wants easy to use and cost-effective parking near their office or a multi-national company wanting someone on site to assist with the full management of their parking-related assets we continue to reinforce why we’re the best and most reliable to deal with.

There are other competitors in this field but there are none who will work harder to help you.

Parking Space Rentals is a member of the British Parking Association and abides by their Code of Professional Conduct aimed at driving up standards in the parking industry. We aim to deliver services based on industry best practice guidelines at all times.